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Monday , January 17 , 2005

Current Time: 11:08 - 2005.01.17
Ever have one of those days where it feels like you stepped in a skunk?

Well hopefully this will be occuring more often, yes a new comic already. What's that you say yes I know it hasn't even been a full 3 months since my last comic, huh? No I'm no more or less insane than I was before...what? Why yes thank you, I would LOVE a sammich.
Well anyway, the new guy up there is Joe Muinos, he's been a good friend, much like a brother, for a long time and now his insanity shall be added to the rest of us here at Genjitsu Manga. Also beware of falling objects, due to circumstances within my control I will be working on making this site better. Well I dunno when the next comic will be out so keep your eyes pasted to this site, it's like a deep massage for your brain ^_^
So I was diggin' graves and these guys came up and said how deep is the hole and well anyway to cut the story short: The Nerdcore.


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