Name: Matt Huff
Age: 18
Job: Artist/Leader/Psycho
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Varies - Red, Blonde, Brown; Long
Skin Tone: Dead Pale
Wardrobe: Grey T-Shirt, Dark Green Cargo Pants, Purple Sunglasses, Black Hat, Black Ribbon, and either Black Sweat Jacket w/out Sleeves or Black Long Black Shirt
Skills: Art, Computer Use, Gaming, Photography, Slacking, Duelist, Programming
Name: John Rose
Age: 19
Job: Writer
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Black; Short
Skin Tone: Fair
Wardrobe: Red JRR (Runic) T-Shirt, Blue Jeans, Glasses
Skills: Anger, Photography, Writing
Name: Matt Guzman
Age: 17
Job: Writer
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black; Short
Skin Tone: Light Fair
Wardrobe: Black & Green 2003 Shirt, Dark Blue Jeans, Glasses
Skills: Writing, Gaming, Photography
Name: Tom Muschlitz
Age: 19
Job: Driving/Scheming Consultant
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Blonde; Short & Messy
Skin Tone: Fair
Wardrobe: Grey T-Shirt, Forest Green Sweat Pants
Skills: Maniacal Driving, Gaming, Sarcasm
Name: Greg Rolfe
Age: 16
Job: Slacker, Computer Geek, Rules Lawyer, Duelist
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde; Short
Skin Tone: Fair
Wardrobe: Grey Shirt, Khaki Shorts
Skills: Rules Lawyering, Dueling, Slacking, Gaming, Programming
Name: Jesse Nemeth
Age: 15
Job: Pure Idiot
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin Tone: Light Tanned
Wardrobe: Dark Yellow T-Shirt, Blue Jeans
Skills: Extreme Annoyance, Utter Stupidity, Posing and Copying Others
Name: Tim Rolfe
Age: 15
Job: Rival of Matt
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown; Short
Skin Tone: Fair
Wardrobe: Green T-Shirt, Dark Blue Jeans, Green Hat
Skills: Gaming, Slacking

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